Get to Know Me!

So, after months of trying to start a blog, here I am writing my first post!

I’ve been trying to think what my first post could be and what better way to kick this off than a Get to Know Me tag?!

I found 30 questions from and I’m going to answer them right here, right now!

Are you named after anyone? 

Yes! I was named Amelia after my Great-Grandmother on my dad’s side. Mary came from my mum’s mum, it also happens to be my Grandma on my dad’s side’s nickname!

When was the last time you cried?

Two days ago while watching My Girl. I was sobbing. I couldn’t help it it’s such a sad movie!

Do you have kids?


If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

I like to think I would, but who knows!

Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Not as much as my brother, almost everything he says is sarcastic. I like to think I use a healthy amount.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

What they look like. It’s hard to notice anything else before talking to them.

What is your eye color?


Scary movie or happy endings?


Favourite smells?

Lord of Misrule shower creme from Lush, cinnamon, Nicky Minaj’s Minajesty perfume!

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

I lived in England for three months when I was a baby so probably that.

Do you have any special talents?

Apart from having an insane amount of Harry Potter knowledge, not really.

Where were you born?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What are your hobbies?

At the moment my biggest hobby is watching documentaries about aliens and space conspiracy theories. Also watching football/soccer and playing video/computer games.

Do you have any pets?

I have a one-year-old grey tabby cat called Virgil.

Do you have any siblings?

Yes. One of each, both younger.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Despite being at the age where most people know or are doing something, I keep changing my mind. It’s always in the same area though. I wanted to be a court/crime reporter so I studied journalism, I also want to do forensics or criminal profiling or be a lawyer. Or I’d like to be an entertainment reporter.

Who was your first best friend?

I think it was my cousin. Apparently when I first came to New Zealand (I was 5 months old) we were constantly holding hands. From what I remember, we were quite close growing up. We’re the oldest two cousins on my dad and her mum’s side of the family.

How tall are you?


Funniest moment throughout School?

There’s a few. The one I remember the best is Year 11 (sophomore year, I think), it was the week after I went to the first One Direction concert in New Zealand and I brought the top along to show my friends. At the concert, my friend and I could see behind the stage from our seats and we’re 95% sure we saw Harry Styles walking around in his underwear. In History class I was showing the top to my friends when my teacher walked over. My friends and I had a great relationship with our teacher and had fun in class without it impacting our work too much. So my teacher asked why I had the top out, I told her I had been at the concert in the weekend, then I pointed at Harry and said, “I saw him in his underwear”. My teacher then proceeded to grab my top, fold it up and hand it to me before hurrying away.

How many countries have you visited?

Three, England, Malaysia and Australia although I was only a baby when I was in the first two so I only remember Australia.

What was your favourite/worst subject in High School?

Favourite was Classical Studies (Ancient Greece/Rome) and Drama
Worst- Maths *shudder*

What is your Favourite drink? Animal? Perfume?

Drink- I don’t think I have a favourite but for the sake of it I’m going to say Pepsi
Animal- Turtles
Perfume- Minajesty by Nicki Minaj

What would you (or have you) name your children?

Top 3 girls names- Emmerson, Matilda, Millie
Top 3 boys names- Noah, Bucky, Gordon

What Sports do you play/Have you played?

Football/soccer, touch rugby, basketball, lacrosse, gymnastics, athletics, softball, teeball, cricket (probably more but I can’t remember)

Who are some of your favourite YouTubers?

the Sidemen, the Michalaks, Zoella, Rhiannon Ashlee, Joe Sugg

How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?

While I had many “boyfriends” I’ve only had one real relationship.

Favourite memory from childhood?

Playing Star Wars with my brother and our family friends in the front yard.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Sometimes preppy, sometimes basic bitch, sometimes grungy as hell – it depends on my mood.

What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)

I just brought myself an iPhone 6! I wanted an X but can’t afford that working at a supermarket!

Tell us one of your bad habits!

Leaving rubbish and plates in my bedroom!


Hopefully that gave you a bit of insite into who I am. Remember to follow my Instagram to keep updated on when I post!


-Amelia xx

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